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tonklin wrote:cannot see "View the source" link near/after "what's this" and "Source code released under Mozilla Public License, version 2.0" on your addon's version history page - is there any other place where source code can be found?

In the spring, mozilla disabled displaying the source code for all addons:

tonklin wrote:
pag77 wrote:version 2.19-2.20

deleted: 3-d party JavaScript-advertising has been deleted from add-on.
fixed: minor bug fixes

what kind of ads are still there? ads on/off switch in options is still present so I guess something is left, even though I did not see it yet :)

Now there is only automatic search of discounts and coupons and their automatic application
If the visited web store has coupons or discounts, then for a short time a separate tab opens, example:

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I have been having an issue where the download disappears from the torrent page after a pc restart.
This may have been addressed before I haven't found it. Is there a way of getting those downloads back or to
continue them?


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I want to thank you for a great app! Its really usable!

Will you make it available in Firefox 57

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Zroxer wrote:Will you make it available in Firefox 57

Unfortunately, WebExtensions (the new API for Firefox 57+) does not have the functionality for the correct operation of this addon in Firefox.

But you can install Firefox 52 ESR and enjoy work until June 2018

or use PaleMoon, WaterFox, SeaMonkey

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