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yochaim wrote:hi YaShum[2],
you can still use the old youtube design (don't know for how long) that doesn't have the comments issue (works well with the default 1500 timeout).
in youtube from the 3 dot menu select the last option 'restore old youtube'...
if it helps you any

Thank you, I completely forgot about this!
But you are right, Youtoub, even despite the reviews, will forcibly turn off this opportunity in the near future. Yutoub has never been friendly in terms of responsiveness, he always did something and did not ask. It does not pay off - we will not do it.
I do not understand, Youtube does not pay his designers or hired his grandchildren for this job. But the fact that they do not cope with this task is a fact, a monopolist of the devil. :evil:
But you read your forum and improve your plug-in. How many problems I have solved because of you. Thank you =D>
By the way, my Firefox was updated spontaneously (although I disabled it), updated all the plug-ins, tweaked all the settings (and by the way, I went through about:config included the ability to launch the "Primetime Content Decryption Plug-in provided by Adobe Systems, Incorporated" on Windows XP, without which the H264 video does not work). AdblockPlus became as on Chrome, lags, the setting of blocking of elements became like a text string (without visibility), I had to look for older versions 2.9.1 + Element Hiding Helper.
I do not understand what's happening, why everything is worse than it was ?! I will soon have a nervous breakdown from the Internet, probably because I like to set everything up perfectly, but now they are doing minimalism, there is no access to the exact settings, the developers think once the user is stupid and lazy, so why does he need the settings. :doubt:
Once again I express my gratitude that you come off your work and read the forum! =D> =D> =D> :D

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yes, it seems customization has become a profanity...


for the file selection dialog to work you need to add pop-up exception for aps.
options > privacy & security > block pop-up windows > exceptions...
add allow moz-extension://aps-uuid (you can get it from about:debugging) and click save changes.
let me know if it worked...

rechecked the handler.js in the aps.xpi and it is already the ff version, so if your using it youtube should stop correctly for you.


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Added moz-extension:// to the popup exception list and the file dialog now appears. How'd you figure this one out?
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while trying to implement file selection from the background page [using (<input type=file>).click()] and failing
i tried creating new tab with an input element, then clicking it (from the bg page). since the tab was visible the popup blocking was apparent so i allowed the extension... then tested it with the input in the bg page and it worked.
but i forgot about it so i had to waste some time yesterday figuring why it didn't work for you...

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HI, Dblclicker don't work whit the last firefox version. can we expect a updte soon?

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hi DE8,

see my reply here viewtopic.php?p=14770731#p14770731

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as posted here (viewtopic.php?p=14770731#p14770731) i'm not going to maintain ff specific extensions. however since the chrome doubleclicker extension is no longer compatible with ff i'll make safeclick release so you could port it with CS Foxified.
please note that the extension also have some other features...
extensison package file >

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Hello, i have a simple question...
When FlashStopper coming update ? i realy need it ^^'


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@DE8. For an alternative to DblClicker, see my post in this thread viewtopic.php?f=48&t=3033206

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Any recommendations for a Quantum-compatible alternative to FlashStopper?

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I want FlashStopper too but i waiting for ^^'

I use for the moment, Disable HTML5 Autoplay, but its not perfect ^^'

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