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Post Posted September 30th, 2017, 6:02 am

Brummelchen wrote:everybody is free to use a browser he wants to - but PLEASE stop crying us rivers because mozilla changed things and the extension authors are not willing to follow - blame them and not mozilla.

SERIOUSLY?! ](*,) [-X :roll:

IT MOST CERTAINLY is Mozilla FAULT! NOT the fault of the extension devs...!
Mozilla is the one after all that decided to SCRAP Firefox's BEST feature!

The Web Extension API as it is, is INFERIOR to the XUL/XPCOM extension system...
in that there is SO MUCH MORE that XUL can do that Web Ext. WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO DO!
AND the vast majority of XUL/Legacy Extensions CANNOT be PORTED to Web Ext.
maybe some time in the future if THEY develop the Web Ext. API FURTHER!............


Brummelchen wrote:
and lacks configurable options

feel free to improve yourself and extend or write your own extension.

lol I know how to open an existing .xpi file in say WinRAR..
and could in theory read some of it a bit... maybe..
but I don't know anything about Extension development in the coding sense..
I am great about ideas though... ie. suggestions for improvement and bug reporting...
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Post Posted September 30th, 2017, 6:51 am

Brummelchen wrote:everybody is free to use a browser he wants to - but PLEASE stop crying us rivers because mozilla changed things and the extension authors are not willing to follow - blame them and not mozilla.

No chum, you ain't pinning the blame for this mess on us. The fault lies totally with Mozilla.


Me back on 27 Nov 2016 wrote:Mozilla shills attempt to portray Firefox extension devs as lazy devils too idle to take on board what is on offer (and so make it seem like their fault when the stuff vanishes) What the shills are not telling you, despite mentioning the term 'APIs' over and over and over again, is this - those APIs do not exist yet, even in a test form. Even then, Mozilla are also already committed to the same 'don't touch our UI' policy, as Google Chrome and so you'll end up with this for Firefox -

Can read you guys like a book.
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Post Posted September 30th, 2017, 11:30 am

Mozilla announced Webextensions are usable since firefox 48. now - 8 versions later means 8*6 weeks = 48 weeks ~ one year you want to tell me that none of the still working authors never heard about it and had ignored this facts? beginning 2017 i start using several chromeium builds, opera, vivaldi, chrome, chromium, to have a foreview what i could expect with firefox 57. not even close. bit upset. i also thought about to step back to v52 - but for what reason? another year later 52esr is also dead - not supported any longer. i could stick with that or wlak through that door now. i made my homework, i will lose ~45 extensions and its benefits - do you saw my crying?

now - people start ranting, it began with v55, few - with v56 i ever said it would grow - and not they are ranting, 99% of all threads in general concern firefox 55/56 and webextension and a lot of people like Melchior ranting a lot more - not helpful - as he is spamming now other threads with his rants. it should be enough now - mozilla had made its desciions and those are not revertable nor discussable. nevertheless they take feature requests on bugzilla or the dev center. and some can create its own extensions or convert it from chrome store, however.

and it wont help a bit calling people "idiot" although it would help that moment but as you can read its not wanted. seriously ;)

so you'll end up with this for Firefox

too bad that firefox is not compatible with cookies or bookmarks and some more with chromium. either the api is not ready yet or script is wrong. AMO is refusing old jquery scripts and some of the chrome extension are using older jquery - its refused when signing. but the half of errors is due missing api. pity

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Post Posted October 2nd, 2017, 1:20 am

found one bug (maybe) and would like to suggest some small features:
1. when option "<Del> button removes file from the list" is active, file will not be removed from hard disk drive if you press on "Delete file" button in DMT toolbar. Also no context menu appears in that case.
2. do you plan to add an option "<Delete file> button removes file from hard disk drive without context menu appearing"?
3. do you plan to add an option "'clear the list' button will close download window" (like in "Downloads Window" addon)?
I use FF 55.

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Post Posted October 2nd, 2017, 4:28 am

squashr1979 wrote:My Firefox upgraded to 56 and DMT is broken (Line Number 85, Column 5). I think it had something to do with cntl-F to search in the downloads. DMT is fixed with 1.0.13 and submitted to AMO. AMO will finish their review and put it out in the next day or two.

I still hope to make a DMT rewrite for Firefox 57, as I want to use DMT myself. I don't know it will be finished in time for the Firefox 57 release. They have modified their stance and now Firefox 57 will not support legacy extensions like DMT.

good to know - doing a Fresh install of it seems to Have Fixed things by the way is there any Chance you would also consider working on ? ... src=search


or perhaps fork an option in to your addon ?

maybe an alternative but the Dev for that one appears to be Gone !


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Post Posted October 6th, 2017, 11:15 am

I just noticed DMT v1.0.13 for FF v56!

A change in Firefox 56 broke DMT.
This fixes that small change and is the last fix before DMT has to be rewritten for Firefox 57.

Released September 30, 2017
Works with Firefox 56.0 - 56.*
154.3 KB

so its not possible to keep compatibility with the Firefox ESR (Extended Support Releases) v52.x???

at least if a rewrite in Web Ext. is possible.. can you make it compatible with FF ESR v52.x ??

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