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Jan Zavřel
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Manage your tabs and bookmarks using advanced user interface and gmail like search operators: name, -name, url, -url, folder and -folder. Save constructed queries for repeated use.
Features like multi-column sorting or checkbox selection will allow you to easily select items and do something: commonly used commands are already supported.
Lots of shortcuts for use in type everything mode also available.

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Jan Zavřel
Posts: 2
Joined: May 19th, 2017, 7:49 am

Post Posted May 19th, 2017, 12:21 pm


[+] new command: copy names (bookmarks, tabs, tabsbookmarks mode)
[+] new command: switch to bookmarks mode (tabsbookmarks mode)
[+] search engine enhancement: other operators except for "folder:" operator are now allowed when using "folderid:" operator
[+] search engine enhancement: (, ), {, }, [, and ] characters are now escaped when surrounded by " characters (e.g., parentheses in query »b name:"at (your command)"« now have literal meaning)
[+] selectboxes event handling enhancement: pressing ESC or change of focus during selection now reset selection
[+] selectboxes event handling enhancement: "loading..." indicator for folder selectboxes
[*] async.js library updated to version 2.4.0
[*] small updates

[+] selectboxes event handling enhancement: selecting item by pressing ENTER is now possible
[*] small updates

[*] small search engine fix

[*] all third party libraries updated to latest versions

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