Browser "nightly" not offering addon PDF.js

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Post Posted May 6th, 2021, 4:03 am

I have S8 , Android 9. I installed App "nightly" (a FF variant) and search PDF.js in addons, but not offered.
Nightly installed on a old TabA SM-T580 with android and PDF.js is offered under "addons" and runs.
Who can help?

Background: on my old tablet is nightly with version 210419 , (actual is 210504), runs with PDF.js, its offered in "addons", TabA SM-T580 with Android 8.1
But both versions (latest and 210419) on Galaxy S8 with Android 9 are NOT offering PDF.js addon! And if I download android_pdfjs-2.1.1-an.xpi by nightly, then asks: install? - Then message "unknown error". Why is PDF.js only offered on very old tablets like "TabA SM-T580"? Its because of Android version? not running with Android 9?



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