Android FF 68.10.1 not stopping updating addon PDF.js 1.7.0

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android FF 68.10.1 is unintentionally automatically updating internal PDF-viewer addon PDF.js 1.7.0 to 2.1.1 during working with FF !! In FF 68.10.1 I find NO option to stop updating! Help!

PDF.js 2.1.1 not running with 68.10.1 (and not yet running with latest FF for android). What can I do? - I detected "version 1.7.0" entry in manifest.JSON after I unpacked android_pdfjs-1.7.0-an.xpi with "jar xf android_pdfjs-1.7.0-an.xpi" (inux). I can edit manifest.JSON and set version from 1.7.0 to 99.9.1 , so I hope that FF 68.10.1 no longer updating automatically. But how can I build the xpi again? jar c............. Seems to be all published for that: But I don't understand. Who can help me to build the 1.7.0-xpi file with version number 99.9.9 ? @1 week later: in about:config are settings to switch off updates. Helps at least partially, see my later posting

PDF.js not yet running with new/latest Android FF browser, although new addon 2.1.1. released by Author Reimer: ... id-pdf-js/
Error message: "not yet available".
@Manuel Reimer explained it already: problems with mozilla -> Nightly - browser! Latest plugin is for that browser!


@ After deleting the version 2.1.1. and re-install of 1.7.0 no update occured for 2 days. Unfortunately just this afternoon somewhen there was a update!

@1: I detected, that Manuel Reimer recommends "Nighty"-Browser for his plugins, because Mozilla doesn't allow that others write plugins: ... collection I Installed nighty, added his plugins according to tutorial - and PDF.js 2.1.1 is now installed, works after tap to "+" right of addon in section "addons" . But not works on S8, Android 9, see my second posting here. ==>> @ solved: addons have to be enabled in Nightly first! Connect to the addon collection of Manuel Reimers!
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Somebody here who knows how to contact Manuel Reimer?

Have you tried the reviews ... s/reviews/
If you figure how to stop it updating on firefox android please post

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Thank you for link to discussion, I didn't know that it exists.

I could stop updating FF 68.x on Android 8.1 in about:config : search "update" and disable update of FF and extensions and addons, set to false. But not working so on android 9 so far. I'm still testing.
BTW: In play store alll automatic updates are switched off.

GenFox, please tell me what you tried!

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