extension to put the exit option back on the android menu?

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Post Posted November 11th, 2019, 11:49 am

For some strange reason Firefox for Android does not have an "exit" option. Simply hitting the home button leaves the program in the "task lists" and taking up a lot of memory. My phone is old and has memory shortages.
There used to be an extension to put the "exit" button back on the Firefox menu, but I had to reset my phone last month and I can't find it again. i should have written down the names/links to all my extensions before the reset, or backed up the profile, but since I only have a small subset of what I use on my desktop and do not keep many bookmarks, I did not bother.

Could somebody please give me a link to the extension to put the "quit" button back on Firefox for Android? The one that does the same thing as choosing "Exit" from the File menu in Windows 10 (though I call it quit from the Netscape Navigator days on the Mac).

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