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Ctrl-Shift-Delete on firefox for linux desktop clears History.

I am looking for something similar for Firefox for Android (Samsung S3 tablet).

Does firefox for android have shortcut keys?

Currently to delete history the steps are:
1. Tap 3-dot menu
2. Tap Settings
3. Tap Clear private data
4. Tap Clear now

Most of the Internet search results were for Firefox for desktop. However I tried various shortcut keys and found some that worked:

ctrl-f - did open the find in page
ctrl-t, ctrl-n, ctrl-w - opened a new tab as long as the active page wasn't your Home Page
ctrl-a - selected the entire page
ctrl-r - reloaded the page
ctrl-[ and ctrl-] or ctrl+shift+{,} - go back one page or forward one page (arrows)

No delete history, but found some more (
ctrl-w - close
the arrow keys with or without alt moved to previous or next (up or down the web page)

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