FF for Android - modify data files (like on linux desktop)

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This thread is about Firefox for Android (FFA) version 68.0.
I'm a longtime user of FF on Linux.

Has anyone successfully moved/copied/deleted/renamed/edited files in

I need to:

1) backup the full directory to my sdcard and/or locally
2) cleanup this directory because it is polluted with old addons and other files
3) backup my bookmarks to my sdcard or locally because I've lost them once already

I've tried termux and a usb connection with MTP, but neither are capable. I haven't tried rooting. I would prefer not to, plus so much of the info I've found deals with Samsung S3 phone and not the S3 tablet, which is what I have. I also have not tried adb.

I recently got FFA to put downloaded files on the SDCard. These were the steps if anyone needs them:

1) Type about:config in the address bar
2) Search for
3) If not there, add it as String and set the value to

The name of your external card may be different depending on vendor.

I had a /Download directory in the sdcard root, but FF wouldn't use it.

4) Change to 2

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