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I'm using the latest Firefox for Windows 10 (Pro) and the latest available version of Firefox for Android, on my Huawei M5 Mediapad. Moreover, I'm running a local FF sync server in a Docker container to synchronize my bookmarks between any of my Android devices and Windows PCs. This works quite well so far, until one of the latest FF updates on my Huawei. To be precise: I bought this device some days ago and had a new installation of FF for Android.

Out of a sudden the bookmarks are messed up. I mean the content seems to be the same, however, the order of the folders of the (synchronized desktop) favorite bar and the sorting of the bookmarks and sub-folders is not the same while comparing Windows and my Huawei tablet. A second Android device (Samsung S7) gets synchronized as expected, though.

I've already completely uninstalled FF on the Huawei and re-installed it from Google Play Store, to no avail so far. I even did delete this device from my Mozilla account and re-added it to start over and to set up the sync again. Again no luck. While the order is correct right after the first sync process has finished, it gets messed up again after a while.

So far, I'm clueless on how to get things sorted out. Any help or hint is highly appreciated.



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