Is there any "Page info" add-on for firefox 57+?

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Post Posted July 23rd, 2018, 4:40 pm

Until recently, I was sticking with android firefox 46.0.1 because android firefox 47.0+ stopped working correctly (in desktop mode) with google's image search results page. (This was before google removed the "View image" button from it's images search results. See this bug report by me for details.
Recently, I started looking at firefox's add-ons to see if any new(ish) add-ons fixed the problem in later versions of android firefox (because I doubted that mozilla would). I found some add-ons that do so (although they don't seem to have been created until after google removed the "View image" button from it's images search results.)

After that, I tried to install an add-on that gives us the "Page info" function (one of many functions that mozilla removed from android firefox). I've used one in android firefox 46.0.1, & it works fine there. This is that add-on.
However, now that I'm testing android firefox 62 beta, I get this error message
"Not compatible with firefox quantum" (pretty stupid of their error message to hide the fact that that mean versions later than 56).
That REALLY makes android firefox 57+ useless to me, because I literally used "Page info" (thanks to that add-on) far more than EVERY other browser function combined ! Only "Inspect element" (also missing) is more important to me.

Anyway, I looked for any other "Page info" add-ons at all for android firefox, but I didn't find any others. This gives me 2 choices. Either use v56 (maybe even earlier), or else get used to not having the "Page info" function. However, before I go back to using v56 (I plan to test v80 or v90 IF I can ever get this phone rooted so that I can back up my bookmarks (stupid android)), I'll ask anyone here if they know of any "Page info" add-ons for android firefox v57+. Anyway, thanks whether you do find another add-on or not.

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Post Posted July 26th, 2018, 12:03 am

You're not the only one who's missing that add-on. Unfortunately, so far it looks like no replacement is yet available.

I did have a look at "PageInfo Viewer"'s source once and while I'm not absolutely sure about the HTTP Request/Response info, I'm almost certain that the "Media" page of that add-on should be possible to implement with a Webextension as well, so the "only" problem is that someone needs to find the time for porting that add-on.

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