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Hi, all. First, let me say that I have used Firefox exclusively snce Phoenix 0.2, and I have been a loyal and steadfast user. However, Firefox for Android actually drove me to uninstall it, hopefully, not permanently.

I noticed that pages were loading very slowly, so I started seeking out possible solutions. Ran WiFi diagnostics (65Mbps download on my Chromebook and on my Linux PC). Tried running a speed test on my Android tablet (5.1.1) and the one time it completed, I had 23Kbps download and 5.4Mbps upload. Seriously? Tried uninstalling including clearing cache and data, then reinstalling. Now I couldn't connect at all. Google's home page still wasn't loaded after my coffee finished brewing. Refreshing doesn't do anything. Is this a Quantum issue? Is there an update in the pipeline that will fix this? I don't like most other browsers, and definitely not Chrome or Safari.

Whatever the problem is, I want to fix it. I miss my Firefox :/ Anyone have a cure or at least a lead?


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You running any Security software on the tablet?
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I was running Avast, but I tried removing it with the same results: zero download.

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