This page causes Firefox to hang or the phone to reboot

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Post Posted September 7th, 2017, 2:09 pm

I've filed this bug: This page causes Firefox to completely hang for several minutes or even cause the phone to restart

The page is:

Trying to load it in a clean FF 55.0.2 profile (no addons) in Android 7.1.2 (my phone is Nexus 5x)
it consistently causes the phone to:
- either completely hang for several minutes (during the hang the screen becomes dim, I can' even reveal the notifications, or make the screen off/on via pressing the Power button), it has happened 3 times in a row, consistently. After 1-2 minutes, the screen becomes black and stays black, and a few more minutes later I can use the phone again by pressing the Power button to make the screen on again, and Firefox is not running anymore.
- or make the phone reboot (after hanging for several minutes).

In both cases there's no crash report in about:crashes, never.

The phone doesn't have malware, nor has any other issue - this only happened with this specific page.

I also tried loading the main page, :
the phone seems to hang momentarily (for a few seconds) while the progress bar is about its 3/4, but then completes ok.

For reference, in Chrome 60 for Android it loads ok every time.

PS. I'm aware who Brendan Eich is, nevertheless, as I said, this issue happens consistently.
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