Have anybody problem with Android Firefox in Oreo?

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Have anybody problem with firefox in Oreo?
Many links with https don`t open, what is the problem?
I read something about 8 here, but I don't saw here any information about bugs:

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I am, within minutes it crashes and brings up the Crash Reporter.
I've submitted several reports but am forced to use Opera, as even the Quantum Beta build crashes repeatedly when sitting on
I'm using the Sony Xperia XZ1 running Android 8.0.0 out of the box.
Supremely frustrating.

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Can you share some links from about:crashes?


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My phone was updated to Oreo 8 a few weeks ago and I've had problems with Firefox ever since. Firefox will randomly stop, but there is no crash reporter.

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Sharka If you are using a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ then there is a known crasher on Oreo that is frequent. Trying Firefox beta and reporting if it is more stable would be helpful. It will install alongside your normal Firefox install and each can be installed and uninstalled independently.

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