Onresize script causes continuous reload of browser window

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I have an onresize script that reloads the browser content when the browser is resized so it fits the window. It works fine in the desktop version of Firefox (V54.0.1) and also with other browsers such as Chrome - both the desktop and mobile versions. However, it causes the mobile version of Firefox (v. 54.0.1 on Samsung Galaxy S6) to continuously reload the browser window.
The doctype is 4.01 Transitional. The script is loaded from the body tag - eg; body onresize="winResize()" and the script is simply:
function winResize() {

Would be grateful for any pointers. Btw - I know onresize is a html5 tag and the doctype specified is otherwise but the script works with all except the mobile version of Firefox

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This would be best filed as a bug at ... %20Android submitting a full example of the page that is causing the problem would be best. As would be testing with the Nightly build of Firefox for Android at ... nec_aurora

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