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Talk about Mozilla browsers for small devices such as PDAs and cellphones.

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Did my search of this section (Mobile) and could not find anything pertaining to my issue... When long pressing a link on a page and the context menu opens... and it states stuff about opening in a new tab... it does open it in a new tab when I hit that item... and then I have to either hit the tab at the top or hit that small 'Switch to new tab' that appears at the bottom... but I'd like the link to automatically open (and focus) on a new tab automatically without dealing with the context menu.... in other words... open all links in a new tab... focused. I also did some searching in the prefs area and could not fine anything.
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Huh...desktop Firefox solves this by creating/modifying the preferences browser.tabs.loadInBackground (setting it to false enables the behavior you're talking about), but apparently Firefox for Android does not respect this preference.

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