Firefox for Android - how to import bookmarks?

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Post Posted November 6th, 2016, 1:59 pm

I have an HTC M9 phone, and they are shortly discontinuing their default browser, so I am left with the task of finding an alternative. I chose Firefox as I have been using SeaMonkey on my PC and laptop for many years, and trust the Mozilla 'brand'. I have found documentation stating that it is possible to import bookmarks from another browser by going to Settings > Customise, where there is apparently an Import option. However, I cannot find either the Customise option, or any Import functions within Settings, Tools, or anywhere else in the browser. I see there is a 'Sync' feature, but I don't want or need to use that as this is the only device which I will be using Firefox on, and I don't like all this 'signing in' business every time I want to look at a webpage. Is there any way to import Bookmarks in the current Firefox for Android, without using the Sync function (which I am not convinced will do the job anyway)?

Thanks for any advice.
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Short of adding all your bookmarks manually, I'm afraid that Sync is the only way of doing it.

Also, you have to login with a Firefox account before you can sync.

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