Minimo .005 released

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Post Posted May 18th, 2005, 9:12 am

Hello everyone!
Minimo .005 was release yesterday. I understand some people are having issue's running it. If you downloaded it yesterday or last night please re-download it as it has been updated this morning.

I'd like to leave this thread open for known verifable bugs found in .005.



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On any page with small text, if you select a portion of text (e.g. tap & drag), the first character of the selected text (if it's not a line start) and the first character after the end of the selection (if on the same line) display as 'unknown' characters (i.e. a square box). This can cause the rest of the text on the line to get garbled.

(same bug in -004).

As a meta-question: is there any page somewhere which describes what Minimo should (currently) be capable of and what bugs have already been reported (or is it just this thread)? for example, file: urls do not seem to work, but I'm not sure if they are supposed to yet.


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bugzilla is used to track bugs: I forget if you have to create a bugzilla account to see that page or not. (I'm Andrew Henry on bugzilla if you get to the page)

Thanks, a few version's back I submited the bug about highlighted text. It's relativly low priority.

As for a webpage that tracks capabilities, we sort of have one. ... -plan.html
This page is a small test plan page, but its horribly out of date and in need of some support. I should have access to update this page in a week or so. Hopefully I'll turn it into someting better.

This page gives you some general developer info:
-- Minimo QA and Community Feedback Czar - Mozilla Foundation.
Download the latest release here:
Read about it here:
Check out the FAQ

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