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hi,everybody.After I built mozilla and run the in minimo folder,then I run the executable file Minimo,there is a error said :"/usr/lib/ version 'NSS_3.7 not found'" .so I went to Mozilla FTP got the nss-3.7.2.tar.gz in the Linux2.4_x86_glibc_PTH_DBG.OBJ folder,but I failed another
time.I know this is maybe a foolish Q,but I am a newbie in this filed and I have great interest in it,so I hope for your helps sincerely .
Thanks in advance.

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[root@Ethan embedding]# cd minimo/
[root@Ethan minimo]# ls
all.js Entries minimo Minimo.pp nsSimpleChromeRegistry.cpp Tag
app icons.h Minimo mozconfig nsSimpleChromeRegistry.h popuplite unix.js
build ipkg Minimo.cpp mozconfig-arm nsSimpleChromeRegistry.o README
chromelite libchrmlite.a minimo.desktop nsSimpleChromeHandler.cpp nsSimpleChromeRegistry.pp Repository libpopuplite.a minimo-link-comps nsSimpleChromeHandler.h nsSimplePopupBlocker.cpp Root
CVS Makefile Minimo.o nsSimpleChromeHandler.o nsSimplePopupBlocker.o
dependentLibs.h minimo.png nsSimpleChromeHandler.pp nsSimplePopupBlocker.pp smallScreen.css
[root@Ethan minimo]# ./Minimo
./Minimo: relocation error: ./Minimo: undefined symbol: _ZN12nsCharTraitsIcE12sEmptyBufferE

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