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is there a chance to build minimo for win.ce 4.1? I have a Siemens Simpad (Intel StrongARM 1110 processor) but the executable from the ppc 2003 build does not run on it.
It's a good device for browsing the web but with mozilla on it would be even better! :-)

thanks in advance

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Hello nicolaso,

Perhaps the minimo software can run as is - perhaps the minimo software just needs a console into which to output some messages?

Try loading PocketCMD into your Simpad, and then running the minimo executable again. You may have better luck.

Let everyone know how your progress is going - I am sure people are curious!
Best Regards,
John Wolfe

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Hello John,

i get the following error when i try to launch "winEmbed.exe" from PocketCMD, like you suggest:

"Unknown error! Error code: 0xc1"

When i try to start from the explorer i get:

"winEmbed is not a valid Windows CE application"

The executable was in both cases from the File

My understanding is, that i need a build from minimo for PPC2002 (since its build upon 4.1).
Is it possible to compile minimo under this constellation?



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