[solved] can't deactivate check of read-only/write icals.

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Hi there,

every time starting Thunderbird I'm getting a window asking to convert read-only online ics calendars.

Since I only subscribe to the calendars (like holidays or sports matches), they are as a matter of fact read-only. So every time I uncheck the checkbox below and choose Cancel.
One link for example: ... /basic.ics
How to deactivate this check or accept this as read-only permanently? The query is annoying!

It says:
A check by the provider for Google Calendar has revealed that the calendars listed below
have read-only access to Google Calendar. If you want to provide calendars
with write access as well and therefore want to convert them, please select them below.

[ ] Always check
Convert / Cancel

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Post Posted May 18th, 2021, 8:26 am

I don't know, why I haven't tried it earlier (Because a read-only calender shall not be read+write?!):
After selecting all these calendars, unchecking 'Always check' and choosing convert, this message box seems gone forever.
However these three calendars seemed not to be read-only any longer, but of course I won't write to them (due to the lack of rights as they're not mine). So I've marked them as read-only in their properties (context menu) again. And the message box keeps to be gone.

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