Thunderbird Only Showing Events From Last 6 Months

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I currently view my Outlook Calendar via Thunderbird on my PC using Lightning & TbSync addons.

However, Thunderbird only shows the events from the last 6 months exactly. The events prior to that are all still showing when I login to my Microsoft Outlook Calendar both on the PC and on my mobile Outlook app but not showing in Thunderbird on the PC.

Does anyone else have this problem? Is it possible to get Thunderbird to show all these missing events?

Please bear in mind I'm not technically brilliant.
Any help would be gratefully received.

Thunderbird 78.9.0
TbSync - Outlook Calendar using EA

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The solution lies in a hidden setting of the tbsync extension, as explained here: ... igurations

In a nutshell, do the following:

– In Thunderbird, press ALT to see menus, then select Tools –> Options –> General
At the very bottom, click on "Configuration Editor"
– In the window that opens, search for "extensions.tbsync.eas.synclimit"
– Right-click on the line and select "Modify"
– Change its value from "7" to "0" (without quotes, obviously).

Then give it time, and at the next connection to the server, all events will be downloaded to your local calendar(s).
Michel Gagnon
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Post Posted March 29th, 2021, 8:29 am

Thanks for your reply.
When I go into Config editor and search for "extensions.tbsync.eas.synclimit" the search reveals nothing.

However, I have just managed to resolve the problem this morning using TbSync....

Open TbSync - select the account that you want to sync. On the "Synchronization status" tab untick "Enable and synchronise this account"
Still in TbSync click on the "Options" tab and under "Calendar options" change "6 months" to "Everything"
Return to the "Synchronization status" tab and re-tick "Enable and synchronize this account"
Click "Synchronize now" to update all events.

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