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Hello, Im currently using Thunderbird + Lightning + Tbsync to manage and sync all my calendars, tasks and address books from my Horde Groupware Server. When I create an event and try to invite someone from my address book I cant see his “Free/Busy” information, this displays always as “No Information”. Ive tried switching between Exchange Active Sync and Calddav/CardDav and still no success. Is there anyway to configure this? There used to be an add on for this called “Free/Busy” but it does not support any recent Thunderbird versions.

Im using:
-Thunderbird version: 60.4.0
-Lightning version: 6.2.4
-Tbsync version 0.7.22
-Provider for Exchange ActiveSync version 0.8

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I've the same problem. Did you find any solution?

Thank you.

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