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Hi. How often does Lightning sync with external calendars ? I have 'provider for Google calendar' installed and use it to sync Lightning with my google calendar. Question is how often will it auto-sync ? If I forget to press the sync icon after making changes, will it auto-sync on shutdown ? I know it auto-syncs on start-up, but does it auto-sync during use ? I can't find any specific setting for it in options, but is there a setting in the config editor ?

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You can decide how often synching is done for each calendar.

Right-click on a calendar and select "Properties". One of the last menu items in the dialog box is "Sync Calendar" and you can select the appropriate interval. If you select a too-frequent interval, you may run into issues with some servers. For instance, I think it's better not to use a more frequent interval than 10 or 15 minutes for Google Calendars (I'm quoting from memory here – read the notes from the Provider).

Does it sync at start up and on shutfdown? Generally yes. Unless there are issues with the connection at that time or unless you have just synched manually a few times in a row and Google decides it's "too much".
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