How Can I See Custom Repeat Tasks

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Real beginner here with Lightning running on T'bird 52.6.0 on openSuSe 42.3 with KDE Desktop.

My objective is to set up a shared maintenance calendar. I have started with a routine task which must be repeated every four months with the current month marked as completed, (as it was done on Friday last).

I have two questions. Can I set up the task for anytime in a week. At present it is shown as one day. What I would like to do is to set a 3 hour task to be completed during and certainly by the end of a particular week. I realise this may not be possible but would appreciate advice on best way of entering this type of task.

More important, how may I see the future tasks already in the calendar so I may program other tasks around them and avoid conflict. When I scan forward by week, nothing is shown for the week in four months time when this task is next due.

If I can sort this out I would also appreciate advice on which platform to share. I have a calendar set up on Google but last time I tried it could not handle tasks, only events. Not good for my purposes.

Grateful for all and any help available please.

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