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Hi all,

did someone know if i can modify calendar-event-dialog.xul to add a default text to my event and task ?
thansk all

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Caeles (private message) wrote:i have seen an oldest post of your you have modify calendar-event-dialog.js

In version 52.X, .js dont exist but a .xul exist can i modify this one to add a default text ?

Are you talking about the following thread?


Thunderbird 45"item-description

Thunderbird 52"item-description

Try testing the following code in the error console.

Code: Select all
var iframe = Services.wm.getMostRecentWindow("Calendar:EventDialog").
var win = iframe.contentWindow;
win.setElementValue("item-description", "Example");


* open config editor
* set preference to true
* events and tasks > new task
* tools > developer tools > error console
* copy and paste code into error console
* press enter to run

Error Console command line

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