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I am trying to modify the Today Pane Agenda items so that they look the same as my Month view. I have several calendars I sync with Outlook and each of them has their own calendar color.
This color is indicated by a block to the left of the event text (instead of the whole background being colored). I prefer this as I have plenty individual calendars each with their own color.

I've almost managed to do this in the Today Pane as well but I am struggling with two points:

1) I seem to be unable to remove the border that still persists around the event name. Currently this is what I have in my CSS:

color: black !important;
background-color: white !important;
padding-left: 10px !important;
margin-inline-start: 12px !important;
margin-inline-end: 0px !important;

2) The above only seems to impact non-all day events. I can't figure out how to also apply the above to all-day events.

I've uploaded a picture here to illustrate what I mean:


Anyone any idea?


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