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I would like to link my lightning calendar app to both my Thunderbird running at work and home. However, I have spent all day without any luck. In the instructions it says I can share the .ics file. I have tried to do this by using my OneDrive. Has anyone been able to save a filename.ics in a folder on OneDrive and have two different computers read and write (sync) to that file using the calendar on Thunderbird? Any help would be appreciated.


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Maybe i was late but try this
but yours .Ics file on onedrive
and sync it with ftp ou http. (add user and password onedrive)
this method work on dropbox

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The other way is a roundabout one.

Create a calendar on Google (through Gmail) or on Outlook or Yahoo.
I *know* Google Calendar works; I experimented a bit with Outlook with mitigated success and never tried Yahoo.

Export your most up to date calendar from a computer (say the home one) to an ics file.
Don't delete it yet (I believe in safety)

Import the ICS in your Google calendar.

In Thunderbird, install the extension Provider for Google Calendar.

In Thunderbird/Lightning, connect to your Google calendar this way:
– Create a new calendar... on the network... Google Calendar.
– Fill in the connection prompts
– Select your calendar.

From that point, you will see the Google Calendar in Thunderbird and will be able to update it directly. Connect your other computer in a similar fashion and you will have an up-to-date calendar on both computers. As a bonus, you will also be able to connect on your phone and see your appointments while you are on the road.

You may also visit this page: ... e-calendar
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