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I'm struggling to setup a group calendar with Lightning and would much appreciate some really basic guidance..
I'm starting to suspect that Lightning can't do it - though it is MUCH more likely that it is I who cannot do it!
This is part of an experimental migration to linux from Windows SBS and Win10 + MSOffice + Outlook. We currently live by Outlook and it's group calendaring is heavily used - in fact, this Team/Group communication is so basic to almost every SME that I find it hard to believe that it's missing from Lightning.
It is important that the Group Calendar can be visible and edited by all in the team - not just the last one to open it. They are dynamic rather than finished and published.
So.. please can anyone point me in the right direction - have I just missed a basic setup somewhere?
Now trying with SOGo - but mixed results so far (may be due to version/plug-in issues).

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I'm not sure exactly what you call a "group calendar". However, some or all of the functions you ask for are available on "network calendars". Which functions? It depends on the platform used to host the calendar. Examples:
– With Exchange or other similar corporate systems, you can subscribe to one or more calendars; depending on their settings, they are either only used by you, or used by you and read by others, or used by a group of people authorized to do so.
– Likewise, with Google Calendars (define the sharing parameters in the web interface), OwnCloud-based and other WebCal calendars.

To easily connect to Google or Exchange Calendars, use the extension "Provider for Google Calendars" or "Provider for Exchange" (no experience with the latter).

Finally, if you use, I suspect they also allow calendar sharing.
Michel Gagnon

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Thanks for the pointers MG - I'm a bit closer to a solution..
A group calendar is a great resource for a team - everyone in the team can add/edit/delete/modify - a single place where the important stuff can be lodged.. for example: Consultants Xxx on-site 1030 19th to 1600 20th (so everyone knows that issues should be defined by then) or East car-park resurfacing 20-21st (so don't schedule deliveries through that route) or Fire Alarm Maintenance 1100-1500 21st (it's REALLY disruptive so don't schedule a brainstorming session on that day). It is vital that all members have full access - not just the first or last to open it.
I really didn't want to link to a Google calendar, but wanted to use Lightning to keep everything in one place.. didn't want to use Outlook because this is an exercise to see if we can migrate everything away from Microsoft and onto linux.
The solution that we're testing just now is via SOGo - to setup a user 'Team' and give them a SOGo calendar then use Lighting to display and manipulate it. It seems to be working fine and the earlier problems may have been down to the Thunderbird plug-ins being very version-specific. It seems a long way round the houses to achieve a group calendar but I guess it is only to setup once (assuming updates don't break it).
Again, please let me know if I have missed the point, and if there is a simpler way then I'd be intrigued.

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I have realized this with a ics file on my ftp server.
I also have setup two groups, one with write permission the other without. So depending on your credentials given in the connection dialogue you can only view or view and edit.

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