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A friend of mine had his hard drive crash recently, and I'm helping him restore the information. I've gotten his e-mail restored, but so far I've had no luck restoring his Calendar data -- we've copied the data from a backup and loaded it into the Thunderbird directory on the new hard drive, but so far Thunderbird hasn't read any data from it.

I did see a note on this help board saying that the various versions of the Lightning calendar add-on will only read the database for that specific version, and my friend was not good at downloading/maintaining the software on his old computer... and as such, I'm sure that the version of Lightning he was using on the old hard drive is different from the version that I recently downloaded and installed. However, I have *NO* idea what version of Lightning he was using before. So: Is there any quick and easy way of determining what version of Lightning he was using when he created his old calendar data, or am I just going to have to start downloading and installing all the old versions of Lighting and hope that one of them eventually works? Thanks in advance.


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I've used Thunderbird and Lightning for some time, and have upgraded Thunderbird a few times without any issues to the Lightning calendar.

When you say you "copied the data from a backup and loaded it into the Thunderbird directory on the new hard drive" -- what specifically did you copy? On my Windows machine, the calendars are saved as .ics files and some are in the C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\bunchofcharacters.AllAccts\calendar-data folder -- not in the Thunderbird program folder.

As I recall, if you can locate the .ics file(s), I believe you an import them directly into Lightning -- using:
Events and Tasks > Import

You MAY have to start a new calendar first, then import the .ics file (it's been a while since I did this).

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