cannot create new calendar, google calendar option missing

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Installed Thunderbird (45.8.0)/Lightning (4.7.8) on new, virgin, laptop (windows 7) with the intent of using with google accounts as I do now on my old laptop. Email working great but tried to create new calendars for my google calendars by doing the following:
From the Calendar tab
--> right click select 'New Calendar' to get Create a New Calendar dialog box
----> select 'On the network' option and 'Next'
------> At this point the 'google calendar' format option that I have seen previously is not available. I only have format options for iCalendar (ICS), CalDAV, and Sun Java System Calendar Server (WCAP), no 'Google Calendar' option as I have on my old laptop (windows 7 as well).

Not sure what to do at this point, have uninstalled and reinstalled both Lightning and Thunderbird multiple times, no luck. Any help appreciated.



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I think you need install the add-on "Provider for Google Calendar"

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Absolutely, that was it ... I did not remember having to install that, just remember Lightning. Thanks so much! :D

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