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I'm a mac user that uses iCal, but my girlfriend uses Sunbird. I am not a developer, but I have a sugestion that I would like to recommend to be added to Sunbird. That is Time Zone Support! On iCal the calendars that I get from her sunbird cal are listed under time tone as "Floating" I'm moving to California and when I change my cal to Los angeles time her times do not change, if she puts it as 8 AM it is 8 AM everywhere, but we all know that is not true with a 3 hour time difference. I was wondering if someone could let me know who to contact regarding this sugestion if one of you can not do it. I support what you all do, and I think the programs are coming along nicely. Keep up the good work.
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Sunbird has an option "Store dates [sic] in Universal Time". After that box is checked, Sunbird will not store events using floating times.

Future versions will probably have support for actual time zones, but the details are not yet clear. If you search Bugzilla I think you will find more information.

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