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I'm using Sunbird (windows) and Calendar extension (linux) in my business.

Is there anyway that I could help the developers test sunbird (windows) and Calendar extention (linux)?

I have no coding experience, so all I can do it try out new things etc.




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Install nightlies and enable the TalkBack
feature so crashes can send the data back.
(Is TalkBack in those programs?)

Post any issues/bugs/praise in this forum.
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If you check Bugzilla you can find discussions about work in progress. As an end user, you might wish to contribute comments on the design before changes go into the product.

As there are no nightly builds at present, testing is difficult. Theoretically you can build Sunbird yourself, but it is horribly difficult to set up—probably impossible without coding experience.

You might also want to consider working through some tutorials on XUL and JavaScript. A little time spent now understanding how the technology works could make you a much more valuable tester when nightlies become available.

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There are some builds available at ... d/contrib/ You can try those if you want. if you file bugs on them, search bugzilla first for known bugs, and be sure to mention that you tested a trunk build, not the 0.2 release.

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