Publish an event - overwrites the calendar?

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Hello all,
me using a shared calendar and publishing selected event actually overwrites the remote calender to include just the selected event. This wipes out everything other than the selected event. Obviously this isnt desired but very much possible to forget about it. Is it possible to actually ask a user for a password before publishing an event or disable everyone other than the admin to delete any events on the calendar.

Rod Whiteley

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It does upload the entire file, but the intention is that the file contains all the original events together with the new one. The "Automatically publish..." setting is designed to make this happen.

Any user who can write to the file can add events and also delete events.
You can set up the server to ask for a password, but Calendar will offer to store it and submit it automatically.

By the way, future versions using CalDAV should be able to upload one event at a time, and reduce or eliminate these problems.

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