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When I click on a link to subscribe to a calendar at iCal...It says that webcal is not an internet protocol. So what I have to do is copy the link and manually insert it. Is there something wrong with the calendar. Is it supposed to be like that?

Rod Whiteley

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It's true that webcal is not an Internet protocol. It is an alias for http. What happens when you click a webcal URL depends on how your browser and operating system are set up.

When I click on a webcal URL in Firefox, Firefox opens Calendar and Calendar invites me to use the URL to create a new calendar. If I wanted to use Sunbird or Calendar in Thunderbird I would have to do it manually.

There might be a way to set up your operating system to handle webcal URLs in a consistent way regardless of which browser and calendar program you use, but I have never tried this. The details will be different for different operating systems.

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