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bravo and thank you to all the good job done by the mozilla developers.

I am a happy FireFox and Thunderbird and Calendar user.
I have thought of one nice thing to add to the user interface of calendar.
it is a way to sort the user calendars inside the calendar application, in order to better manage them.
for instance, I have downloaded 4 holidays calendars and activated my personal calendar, in this order.
my problem is that when I create a new task or Rendez-vous, the default calendar is set to the first I installed in calendar, that is one of the 4 holidays calendar.
my main use is with my personal calendar. so every time I create a new RV, I have to switch to the good calendar in the combo box.

I have found a way to solve this manualy by editing the CalendarManager.rdf file and changing the RDF:Seq section in this file.
<RDF:Seq RDF:about="urn:calendarcontainer">
<RDF:li RDF:resource="urn:calendarcontainer:calendar4"/>
<RDF:li RDF:resource="urn:calendarcontainer:calendar0"/>
<RDF:li RDF:resource="urn:calendarcontainer:calendar1"/>
<RDF:li RDF:resource="urn:calendarcontainer:calendar2"/>
<RDF:li RDF:resource="urn:calendarcontainer:calendar3"/>

I think it would be cool if someone could add a way to sort this list via the GUI.

thank you again for all your job

best regards
thierry (from Paris France)

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I agree that this would be a helpful addition. In fact, it has already been requested in Bugzilla. You can add yourself to the CC list of <a href="">Bug 266249</a> if you'd like to be kept up to date on the status of implementing it.

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