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I've just installed Sunbird on Fedora and Windows XP, and I am sharing a remote calendar between the both of them.
They are both set to Europe/London timezones, and Daylight Saving.
They both synch from an NTP server
They both sit next to each other and are displaying the same time as each other
When I create an event in one for 8pm, the other one downloads it and displays it as 7PM ?!!
The settings of Sunbird on both systems are identical, and I'm storing the time in Universal Time.
I've set the timezone on both to Europe/London - though I understand that doesn't do anything yet.

Any ideas?


Rod Whiteley

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Post Posted June 7th, 2005, 1:21 am

In Calendar's list of calendars (behind the date picker near the top left), select the calendar and obtain a context menu for it (perhaps by right-clicking it). Choose Edit Calendar and note the location of the calendar file. Use a text editor to open the file, and check the time stored in the entry.

London is GMT +1 now, so when you create an event for 8 p.m. using Universal Time it should be stored like 20050607T190000Z. Check that the stored data is correct. If the stored data is wrong, then there is a time zone problem in that machines operating system.

If the stored data is correct, but the display is wrong on the other machine, then there is a time zone problem in that machines operating system.

By the way, sometimes these problems are caused by a Windows bug. It occurs when the TZ environment variable is set, usually in AUTOEXEC.BAT. To fix it, remove the setting completely. If any program requires TZ, set it locally for that program by running a batch file.

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