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I am using the Calendar within Tbird. When I set an event using the time parameters (eg: start at 10AM and end at, etc...) I have to physically go into the time box and type PM over the default AM. To me, it seems counterproductive to have to manually replace the AM/PM setting (as opposed having a drop-down box with these options), so I'm figuring I'm missing something. Is there an easier way to replace AM with PM when entering events that last past noon?

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Well there's a drop down for the entire time feild, it would probably be just as fast to use that and select your time then to type your time in then use a drop down to pick AM/PM.

The time drop down shows in 24hour format so pick 22 for 10pm.

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You're not missing anything. The interface is not very good. Unfortunately it is difficult to design a better interface that everyone likes. For example, I prefer a duration field—then it can work out the end time for itself.

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