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Post Posted May 22nd, 2005, 12:43 pm


I have just started using sunbird on an XP box with a number of different user profiles (XP profiles, not sunbird profiles) I have set each user up with suntray in the startup folder so that sunbird launches as each user logs on. I have created a calendar in a shared folder for each user, and added all the calendars to each user, so they all see 'John', Dave', Tom', Dick', 'Harry' calendars etc..

Feature request:
When I set up the calendars (in my XP profile) I gave each a different colour, which works fine in my profile, but is not represented in the other users' views. It would be nice if the colour I set could be included as part of the original file definition, which could, if required, be over-ridden by the other users (as it is they all come up with no colour or the default colour (I can't tell whether there is a default colour)

When I originally launched sunbird it created 'My calender'. Great, I tried to open it in the first other user I wanted to share this calendar but it was in a private (XP) folder. So I then went to edit the calendar in Sunbird and changed the location to a shared folder. I received no error message, but the calendar file did not move. Functionally I can see why one might not want to be able to move a calendar (I think) but if this is so I would grey out the 'location' box in the 'edit calendar' window.


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Post Posted May 23rd, 2005, 1:25 am

I agree that when you set up many calendars for a group, it would be useful to be able to share metadata describing the calendars. This could include the colour. An extension could provide this kind of extra feature for those users who need it.

When I edit an existing calendar, the location field is read-only. I am surprised that you could change it, but not surprised that the change had no effect. In the latest test builds, Sunbird does not create "My Calendar" in the same way when it first starts up. Instead, a wizard runs and you can specify the location there.

You can set up many calendars in many profiles more directly by editing CalendarManager.rdf. Again, an extension for managing group calendars could provide ways to make this easier.

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