Calendar sharing on Icalx reproduces dates 7 hours ahead

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I'm new to Sunbird and I'm excited about its potential usefulness to me. However, I can't seem to make it reproduce times accurately. Everything appears to be 7 hours ahead when I publish my calendar on

I tried adjusting the time in the Sunbird Tools/options to a time zone that is actually 7 hours ahead of me. This didn't seem to help.

I unticked the 'store dates in Universal Time' under the General Tab under Tools/Options.

I also adjusted the time zone through my Windows XP OS... to one that is 7 hours ahead--and then reset my clock to local time... but this didn't seem to make a difference to my published calendar either.

Anyone have any suggestions?


Rod Whiteley

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The current version of Sunbird does not support time zone settings. That list of cities that you see does nothing. Sunbird only supports floating times and UTC.

The web viewer on iCalX displays a UTC view. So, if you want the web viewer to display the same times that you see in Sunbird, you must not check the Universal Time box in Sunbird.

It would be helpful of you can give an actual example of the problem. Put a public calendar on iCalX containing one test event. Reply here with the time that you see in Sunbird and a link to your calendar.

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Hello Rod,

Thanks for your quick reply... I worked on this today and think I've figured out the problem. Initially I had created a calendar in Sunbird, saved it as an .ics file which I then imported into Axentra's web dav server... which I believe may have converted the times to another time zone because I hadn't altered the date settings in my account on Axentra's server until today, when I noticed such settings existed.

I think I then exported the .ics file back to my desktop from Axentra and proceeded to try to use that in icalx... not realizing the times had all been changed. Somehow that file I created in Axentra ended up as my main source file for Sunbird, having deleted the original copies of it, so all the times kept coming out wrong.

When I start a Sunbird calendar from scratch and upload it to Axentra (I've given up on Icalx, because Axentra seems to offer so much more functionality... i.e. you can alter calendars online, plus have your entire contacts book, plus connect to their server via 'my network places') it seems to work great! So, problem solved I think! Axentra seems far superior for my needs than

Crossing my fingers that it will be pretty seamless from now on!


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