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Is there a way to get a repeating task to automatically update once the most current one is marked as completed? For example, if I set a task to repeat daily, once I finish that task "today" and check the box next to it, is there a way to have "tomorrow" automatically added to the list of tasks? If you have the "Hide Completed Tasks" box checked, it seems that the tasks just don't show in the tasks list anylonger, even if they're set to repeat the next day, week, or whatever. And even if you uncheck the "Hide Completed Tasks" box, it just looks like that task is perpetually completed after the first instance of it as completed and the box checked. Am I missing something, or does this result from the fact that Sunbird is not yet a finished product?

Sorry if this has been discussed before. I didn't see anything. And I hope that was a clear enough explanation for people to understand.

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I am sure I have seen this discussed before, but I am not sure where. Part of the problem relates to a bug in the iCal standard, which does not allow individual repeats to have their own status. As you rightly say, Sunbird is a project in its early stages, not a finished product. A lot of work on tasks and recurrence still needs to be done.

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