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I read every day this forum, and i often see questions about how to publish calendars. Problems with FTP, wedav, etc... I think this is a problem for the users and so an important issue for the developer. It's important to redisgn the publishing system, making it simple, and give more and detailed explanation for the users. I know that somebody is starting to write that a specific chapter about the publishing is already in the Sunbird project page, but if user ask this question continuosly, means that they find difficult to publish.

I personally have a site space, and i wasn't able to use the FTP server with sunbird to put my ics file on the web from home, accessing when i was at work.

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Rod Whiteley

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Post Posted January 18th, 2005, 6:04 am

WebAngel wrote:...redisgn the publishing system, making it simple, and give more and detailed explanation...
I agree with you.

The first draft of Calendar Help has some information about publishing, but it is not enough. For the next draft I hope to cover the subject more thoroughly and more simply. At the same time, I will try to identify problems in the user interface for publishing, and submit bug reports to get them fixed.

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