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Now that Rel. 0.2 of Sunbord approaches, it would be nice for all of us users to have some "hints" on what's boiling for the future. I think that it would be nice if in the Sunbird webpage, under "Project Information", we could find a rough roadmap of the planned evolution.

I guess that it would be nice to have such roadmap expressed in terms of upcoming planned features without having the developers committing on a release date, e.g.
Rel 0.3 will include: minimized tray icon, enhanced import of external Calendar data, setting of a default Calendar etc.etc.etc.
Rel 0.4 will include: events scheduled by 15min, moving events from one Calendar to another one etc.etc.etc.

This would also help us users when expressing our "wish-list" :)
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agree... after firefox and thunderbird becoming more and more popular, more people are getting interested in mozilla software, and sunbird/calendar is quite an important part of it to focus on.

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