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I am new to the use of Calendar and to make sure that I am setting up my "to do" lists right could someone please advise me of the correct use of "New Event" vs "New Task"

Basically I want to set up reminders of important dates for customer invoicing purposes (recurring), but also set up future meeting/appointment times as well (non-recurring).

Are there any URLs that actually has a step-by-step guide/tutorial on getting the max use out of this product?

All help greatly appreciated.

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Post Posted January 11th, 2005, 3:25 am

webdev wrote:...the correct use of "New Event" vs "New Task"...

Calendar Help describes a task as something that will only happen if you take action, and an event as something that will happen whether you take action or not. See:

If you have to do some work on those invoices, then they are tasks. If they happen anyway, they are events. They might be both (but Calendar does not handle this situation well.)

Calendar does not yet provide good ways to manage a to do list, and at the current stage of development things can change significantly between releases. It is not a good time to write a detailed tutorial.

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