Can I access Mozilla Calendar without going into Firefox?

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I am running Mozilla Calendar 2004121718-cal and would like to know if I can access the calendar without having to first open Firefox?

Currently I am opening Firefox, then going to "Tools" and "Calendar" to open the application.



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I think there is an extension to have the calendar in tray.
Check here:

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wrafter wrote:...access the calendar without having to first open Firefox?

It depends what you mean. You can run Firefox with a command like:

firefox -calendar

(By the way, to use this command in a shortcut icon, go to the shortcut's properties and add the -calendar switch there.)

Firefox opens, but it displays only the Calendar window, not the main Firefox browser window. Technically, you have opened Firefox, but it does not look like that on your screen.

If you really do not want to open Firefox at all, then you will have to use some other program to access your calendar. For example, you could use Sunbird.

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