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Help! Yesterday afternoon TB was automatically updated from ver 78.14.0 to to 91.1.2. After this update Lightning is still there but it is completely blank all historical, current, and future events are gone. Basically I have a blank calendar. Is there anything I can do to fix this? I've been using TB/Lightning for decades and never ran into this before.

I do have some back-ups if that is helpful. I am not pc ignorant but I'm not an expert either. I hope there is some help out there as I am desperate!

Update - I have also discovered that if I add a new events to my calendar in the future, they too are gone the next time I open the calendar or even move around month to month within the calendar. So, not only is all my old event data gone I cannot add new events either - Lightning has become unuseable. Hope this sheds more light . . .
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Same problem here, where is support?

edit: solved by disabling all calendar add ons except "provider for google calendar"


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nym9 wrote:Same problem here, where is support?

Right here Calendar | Thunderbird Help

edit: solved by disabling all calendar add ons except "provider for google calendar"

Nice to know.
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