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Any clue on how I can add a gmail calendar that currently exists '' so that invites sent to thunderbird to '' can be added to the google calendar by accepting them within thunderbird.

Originally I tried adding the calendar as a gmail calendar. But then I could not change the email account associated with this calendar and thunderbird said there was no writeable calendar and did not give me the option to accept the event.

Then I tried this by adding the gmail account using ICS ical. I change the email address on the calendar to ''. Now when looking at an invite received in thunderbird email I am given the option to accept the event. However the event cannot be added to the gmail calendar. I get a message saying the calendar cannot be written to "Error code: Modification_failed and them an error "Processing message failed. Status: 804a000a" And an alert next to the calendar name saying this calendar is temporarily unavailable.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?


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How are you connected to the Google calendar? CalDAV, Provider for Google calendar, Provider for CalDAV & CardDAV (works with TbSync) etc.?

What version of Thunderbird (please don't say latest as that is too ambiguous)?

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My post of July 25th, 2020, 3:14 pm, the last (fourth) bullet, is how I solved this problem with TBSync and Thunderbird 78, here:


Hope this helps.

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