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Recently I have been having a problem using the Lightning Calendar functionality in Thunderbird - if I try to change the dates viewed (for example, going to next week or previous week when in Week view, or clicking on another date in the mini calendar, or changing view mode from Week to Month, etc), nothing changes in my displayed dates unless I then click on the Synchronize button in the upper left. Sometimes even that doesn't work, unless I actually click a date in the mini calendar and then hit Synchronize. But I always have to hit Synchronize to get the display to change, which didn't used to be the case - previously, as soon as I made a navigation change like next week, or month view, the display would immediately update (which is pretty standard and expected functionality).

Even when I do get the calendar to display the desired date range properly, the gray bar at the top of the calendar still shows the original (now incorrect) date range and CW count that it started with, in other words the gray calendar bar doesn't update at all even when the actual calendar display does.

Another problem that could be related - the Calendar tab no longer says "Calendar", it's just blank...

Any ideas?

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