Error: [calCachedCalendar] replay action failed

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Hello everybody,

first of all, thanks to everybody who is providing Thunderbird and the Calendar/Lightning addon to the community - highly appreciated!

The problem: For some days I'm not able to update my OwnCloud caleders via Thunderbird/Calendar anymore:

Code: Select all
Error: [calCachedCalendar] replay action failed: null, uri=https://DOMAIN.TLD/remote.php/caldav/calendars/username/alias, result=2147500037, op=[xpconnect wrapped calIOperation]
Source: file:///home/mike/.thunderbird/41k6mtip.default/extensions/%7Be2fda1a4-762b-4020-b5ad-a41df1933103%7D/calendar-js/calCachedCalendar.js
Row: 327

It used to work for years without any problems and I'm not aware of any changes I've made that might caused the problem.

I'm running Thunderbird 45.8.0 on Linux, Lightning 4.7.8 and OwnCloud on my own server, with SSL obtained via Let's Encrypt.

What I've done so far, besides checking the forum and "the internet":

- Manually going back to an older version of Lightning until 4.7.4, but to no avail.
- Deleted and re entered the username and password in Thunderbird, to no avail.
- Deleted the calendar cache. Now the calendar view is totally empty; obviously there is no "fresh" data being downloaded from my OwnCloud server.
- Checking the functionality of the OwnCloud system; it works as does the integration with my mobile phone (via a CalDAV connector).
- Setting up a test installation with NextCloud and trying to include this calendar with Thunderbird; but to no avail (same error message).

What else could I do? Any hints will be highly appreciated!

Thanks everybody,


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Dear all,

I have the same issue, also on a fresh thunderbird installation thunderbird 52.4.0) . I have used caldav calenders with Thunderbird for several years without any issues and now it is impossible to connect. If I create a new calendar, it appears, but it can not be activated (and it never asks for a password). When I activate the calendar, it gets immediately disactivated again.

Following error message in the terminal:
Error: [calCachedCalendar] replay action failed: null, uri=, result=2147500037, operation=[xpconnect wrapped calIOperation]

What is the solution to this?

Thank you and kind regards,

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Post Posted October 28th, 2017, 4:37 am

Hi bermel,

it's been some time ago I've had this issue but as far as I remember it was due to a corrupt calender entry.

My workaround was to remove it manually from the mySQL database.

Can you remember what you did last before the error occurred? Maybe you wanted to add a new entry? Classically it can happen if you copy and paste characters that may corrupt the database or, in my case, if I used the "save as calender entry" function (email --> calender entry).

If that's a possibility for you than you may want to check out this very entry and try to remove it manually.

Good luck!


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Thank you, that actually helped. I removed one suspicious entry from the calendar via the web interface and now the Thunderbird connection works again.

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