Where is the official documentation for rebranding?

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Post Posted February 8th, 2017, 11:51 pm

At one point, I'm pretty sure Mozilla had an official guide for this, but I can't find it anywhere.

I'm looking for the guide that shows how to:

1. Change the application name, so all instances of "FireFox" say "Other Name" instead. (not with a plugin)
2. Change the install path so it goes into /opt/myapp
3. Change the system app name so that user profiles for real FireFox and my custom build are stored in separate folders. ie. ~/.firefox and ~/.myapp (the new build should be able to run side-by side with a real Firefox and not interfere).
4. Setting options in advance, like disableing updates, any type of feedback behaviour, any type of "welcome back", "your browser is slow reset everything", etc dialogs that pop up from time to time.
5. pre set preferences in about:config
6. Include plugins that are activated by default
7. Include new root CA certs by default

I found a few things like this ( but it's not the guide I'm looking for. The one I remember had you editing files inside the source code. I found /browser/branding/unofficial/branding.nsi but I can't find any documentation on that either, and I'm remembering that there were more files than that. I haven't done this in four years!

If someone could point me to the official guide/doc for building a custom branded browser, that would be awesome.

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